Virtual Courses

Drivers Education Courses

Virtual driver’s ed courses (conducted via ZOOM) are currently $375 which includes 30 hours of classroom time and 6 hours of behind the wheel driving. The $100.00 deposit will hold your spot in the class so the balance will be $275. Students must be paid in full before scheduling their behind the wheel drive time.

PLEASE NOTE: The Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) requires all participates that takes drivers education courses virtually; those students MUST be able to join with a device that has a web camera, and that camera must be on and show the student; so that the instructor can confirm they are present during the duration of the class. If a student fails to have their camera on during class and actively participate when called, they may not receive credit for that class.

At this time, we will only be conducting classes virtually via ZOOM with our Odenton students.

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